May 19, 2024

M1 Support Services – Bridge Agreement

Members Local Lodge 2003/Army Fleet Support Contract:

Well, we are finally here. Since I first told those present at the December Local Lodge meeting that we were likely to have our Vacation and Personal Leave paid out during the contractor change process, there has been much debate and speculation as to the outcome. After today’s meeting between M1 and the GNC, it became apparent that negotiations between AFS and M1 to affect the transfer of our time and the funds associated with it, were not going well.

As a result of these discussions, Grand Lodge Rep Tony Wirth reached out to both companies to confirm just exactly where things stood. The answer isn’t what any of us wanted to hear, but is what many have expected. The two parties cannot agree on the amount required to be transferred to ensure neither is left with a liability. One would think it would be a simple matter, but because of accrual expenses and taxes, differences in workmans comp rates the issue in dispute came to several million dollars. The matter was further complicated by both parties use of sub-contractors and each of them having varying rates. The end result is our Vacation and Personal Leave will not be transferred to M1 and will instead be paid out to us on an individual basis by AFS.

While payout is not what we wanted, the committee did work in conjunction with M1 to make provisions for employees to utilize 80 hrs of PBU between April 1 and December 31, 2018. In addition, vacation accruals will no longer be “banked” as it was under AFS. Effective 01 April 2018, once vacation or personal leave is earned, employees will be allowed to use it. M1 will work with employees who have time scheduled in accordance with provisions in Article 14 to try and insure those with scheduled vacation are allowed the opportunity to be off. Those who already have tickets or reservations that cancellation would create a financial penalty should contact their GNC. One benefit for our members is each will now be allowed to carry over 1 times their annual accrual rate plus 80 hrs instead of 40 hrs.

In addition to changes to the vacation/ personal leave questions, there has been a significant PWS (Proposed Work Statement) implemented by the Government. This language is not negotiable as it was mandated by the Government, we will include excerpts from that document in the Bridge Agreement to better explain what we will be encountering in the future.

The Official Bridge Agreement will be posted to the appropriate sites, LL2003 FB and the LL2003 App before close of business 07 March 2018.

We appreciate all of the support shown by our members during this Bridge Negotiation, the Committee is committed to each and every Union Brother and Sister. If you have any questions about the Bridge document, please ask your respective GNC, each and every one is prepared to answer.

Your GNC


Click here to download the Letter to the Membership in PDF format.
Click here to download the M1 Support Services Bridge Agreement in PDF format.