June 13, 2024

Young Machninsts

Young Machinists

Who We Are

The Young Machinists is a group of energetic union members borne out of the IAM. Marked by a deep connection to the struggles and accomplishments made by the brave brothers and sisters that came before us, the Young Machinists seek to work through the Women’s and Human Rights Department by lending our voices to the common call of justice and fairness for all workers.

What We Do

The Young Machinists are not solely for the younger generation, they are also for those who have not been actively involved with our local and its activities in the community!  We have no intention of pushing out our Senior Members!  This is not a Union within a Union!  The Young Machinists was created on the International level, adopted by our younger members, and they focus on bridging the generation gap of the mentors that have fought for what we have now!

Where We Do It

We as machinists strive to do what is best for each other and our local communities.  Based out of our Local Lodge, our Solidarity starts and spreads to our neighbors!

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