July 23, 2024

Local Lodge Service Awards

Each year the Local Lodge recognizes members that go above and beyond the call to help the Local and it’s members grow. We have three Service Awards that are presented to a member or a group of members.

The Dixon McGhee Service Award

  • A long time member of Local Lodge 2003 was a Aircraft Scheduler on the maintenance contract. He served on Local Lodge 2003 Grievance Negotiating Committee and was the dedicated Recording Secretary for many years up to his untimely death shortly before his retirement. His contribution to the members of Local Lodge 2003 will always be remembered. In his honor, an annual service award is presented to a deserving member of our Local.

The Phillip G. Williams Service Award

  • Philip Williams became the Local Lodge Secretary-Treasurer in 2001. He served as Shop Steward at Hanchey Field. Grievance Negotiating Committee, Secretary-Treasurer for the Alabama State Council of Machinists as well as many other appointed committees for the Local. Philip’s dedication to our Local is memorialized in the building of our new Union Facility. his tireless efforts to streamline finances and his vision to make the Local solvent and secure is a living testament to his service in Unionism. Philip passed away on May 5, 2010 while fishing on vacation, he will always be missed and loved by all who knew him. Rest in peace Brother, rest in Peace.

The Ted Maddin Service Award

  • Ted Maddin came to Camp Rucker in 1954 from Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Once the workforce was in place, he immediately began to organize the workers to join the IAM Union. After months of work and educating non-union workers, Local Lodge 2003 was officially recognized. Ted continued to organize other facilities and work-sites to join the IAM. Ted was eventually voted as Business Representative for District Lodge 75 and latter was appointed as a Grand Lodge Representative. Ted was instrumental in ending the Strike of 1975, which was over the IAM Pension, which many members retired since have enjoyed the security of their hard fought for  pension. In 1983, ted was credited with negotiating more money for the members of Local Lodge 2003, than anyone else in the history of the IAM. When he negotiated a four year contract with Northrop, with wages and benefits increasing at 10%, 9%, 9% and 10%! 1985 was Ted’s last contract negotiations for the Fort Rucker contract. Ted Maddin’s legacy will always be remembered by Local Lodge 2003. Every year the Local selects and presents the “Ted Maddin Award” to one Local Lodge member for exceptional service to its members, community and Union, reflecting the integrity, honesty and years of service that Ted gave to us. Thank you Brother Ted, may God bless you always.

The Local Lodge is proud of it’s history and the men and women that have helped make this Local a success.

We are forever indebted to our fore fathers for their sacrifice, tenacity, dedication, integrity, leadership, and accomplishments. Let us not forget our history of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Local Lodge 2003. It is not by chance or accident that we are here today and benefit from their willfulness to serve and fight for good wages, benefits, working conditions and security.

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