May 23, 2024

IAM Local Lodge 2003 enters into a Bridge Agreement with M1 Support Services

Today the negotiating team for the members of IAM local Lodge 2003 on the maintenance contract signed a Bridge Agreement with M1 Support Services and all Subcontractors. The negotiating team led by Grand Lodge Rep Tony Wirth and District 75 Business Rep Randy Garrett along with the Grievance/Negotiation Committee has spent the past few weeks preparing for negotiations with M1 and they have been in negotiations for this bridge agreement since Monday, March 5, 2018.  There are several changes that is being brought forth with the agreement such as:

  • Leave accruals done bi-weekly instead of monthly and can use as soon as you accrue leave
  • New Equipment Training lock-in period for 3 years instead of a 2 year lock-in
  • OJT lock-in period of 2 years

There are several changes to the current Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) which were brought into affect due to the new Statement of Work between the company (M1) and the U.S. Army. These changes like the lock-in periods and uniforms are non-negotiable and must be followed by the company and members of IAM working on the maintenance contract.  There were some formality changes that took place also, like name changes and small wording, that goes along with every change in contractors. Other changes brought forth like the leave accrual and use is comparable to what the CBA states now and therefore would not be voted on by the membership. There would only be a vote on the bridge agreement if the changes were non-comparable to or vary too much from what is in the current CBA.

There will be several members that have questions and concerns about the bridge agreement. If you are one that has a question, please ask your GNC for clarification on your issue, don’t accept the shop floor answer, ask the ones that sat in the negotiations and the ones that dealt with M1 during this time. The negotiating team put out a letter to the membership and a copy of the M1 Bridge Agreement. If you have any questions or concerns about the bridge agreement please contact your GNC, don’t take the shop floor explanation about your issue, ask the ones that have been in negotiations with M1.