June 13, 2024

Election Procedures

In accordance with the Local Lodge Bylaws, Article II, Section 13

  1. An elected shop steward can hold an election upon proper notice to the members in his/her area of representation at any time he or she wishes to relinquish shop steward.
  2. The shop steward shall call an election if petitioned by at least 10% of the membership in his/her area of representation
  3. When an election is scheduled, the shop steward shall get with the foreman in his/her area of representation and set the time that all membership present will have at least 24 hours notice prior to the election.
  4. When an election is called by 10% of the members in a shop stewards area of representation and the election is held, another election cannot be called for by petition for a period of 30 days.
  5. Upon election of a new steward the retiring shop steward will inform the secretary at the union hall of the change within 2 working days so the company can be notified by official letter.

If there are any question or concerns regarding the election procedures, please contact the Grievance Negotiating Committeeman / Chief Steward or the administrative secretary at the Union Hall.

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