June 13, 2024

IP Martinez Receives High Honor from Workers Defense League

IAM International President Bob Martinez recently accepted the David L. Clendenin Award for Distinguished Service to Labor’s Rights from the Workers Defense League, a nonprofit workers’ rights organization that specialize in helping people who have been denied unemployment insurance.

At a ceremony in New York, Martinez credited the IAM for putting him in the position to help working people.

“Whenever there is an injustice, an attack on freedom, or a threat to our democracy, the Workers Defense League is there—fighting for workers—fighting for us,” said Martinez. “The IAM is proud to stand with the Workers Defense League today, tomorrow and well into the future, as we defend workers’ rights and pursue justice in the workplace and the world.”

Martinez thanked United Steelworkers President Leo Gerard, who nominated him for the award; as well as Workers Defense League Chairman David Dyson and the entire WDL board and its officers.

He also highlighted the IAM’s fights against right-to-work, corporate trade investment deals and policies that enrich a few at the expense of working people.

“Together, in the true spirit of solidarity, we will win these battles and all other challenges that lie ahead,” said Martinez.

In addition to helping working people with unemployment insurance, the Workers Defense League, founded in 1936, conducts training for unions and other organizations about unemployment insurance rules (including recent significant changes in the law) and the hearing process.

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Source:: iMail