July 22, 2024

Air Capital of the World Workforce Wins Again

Bombardier Learjet has announced that Wichita, KS will be the new home of the Global 5000 completion work starting mid-2018. About 100 new jobs will be created to install the interior monuments, the seats, the cabinets and the bulkheads in the ‘Air Capital of the World.’

“It was the reputation of the Wichita Machinists that allowed Bombardier Learjet to choose Kansas as the new home for the Global 5000 Completion Site. The quality of the work and their dedication to the end product speaks for itself every time an aircraft rolls off the line,” said IAM’s Southern Territory General Vice President Mark Blondin. “The world is watching as the journeymen and women of Kansas are setting the trajectory for aircraft production in 2018 and beyond.”

In addition to the interior, the Wichita facility will also be where flight testing and final delivery preparation will take place. Bombardier Learjet executives said it was the quality of work in Wichita that drove this decision. Cornell Beard, Directing Business Representative of IAM’s District 70, wholeheartedly agrees.

“The Machinists in Wichita are the past, present and future of this industry so I was not surprised that Bombardier Learjet choose this location to complete the Global 5000,” said Beard. “But I am always extremely pleased when the craftsmanship of the workers in Wichita, and especially IAM District 70, is recognized and appreciated. That’s why we do this job…to make sure Working America wins.”

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Source:: iMail