June 22, 2024

With out most recent storms, several communities were affected with loss of power, water and excessive damage. Specifically, Cottonwood, Alabama is currently not allowing anyone in or out of the city and are under curfew at 6:00 pm. As we do not currently have a donation point for them, we will be accepting donations at the local lodge until we can coordinate with the city. Items needed are tarps to cover damage for incoming storms, canned foods, water, paper products such as plates and toilet paper, personal hygiene items such as wet wipes/baby wipes.

Furthermore, if any of our members are affected by damage, please fill out the IAM Disaster Relief Forms. The entire package, including instructions, are attached to the link. Once completed please drop them off at the local lodge.


UPDATE: the following items are urgent need!


Formula, onesies, baby blankets, bottles diapers and pullups

Deodorant, body wash, shampoo, bar soap

Socks, underwear


ALL items are ranged from new born to senior citizens. Any doations can be brought to the local lodge or to wickburg fire and rescue and will be delivered where they are needed from there.