May 20, 2024

Understanding Amendment 8

The IAMAW Local Lodge Legislative Committee wanted to inform the membership and the community about Amendment 8.  Below is some information.  Please share the information before the election.

  • What is Amendment 8?
    Amendment 8, if adopted, will enshrine Alabama’s existing Right to Work legislation into the Alabama Constitution of 1901.
  • What is Right to work legislation?
    Right to Work is a cleverly named scheme that allows workers on union contracts to enjoy the benefits of a union contract without paying dues to the labor organization responsible for negotiating said contract. It was designed and serves to cripple labor organizations by depriving them of funds needed to negotiate contacts, hear/arbitrate grievances and operate in general. This in turn transfers power away from workers and back to employers.
  • Alabama Constitution of 1901
    The Alabama constitution is already the longest and most convoluted in the world.  If Amendment 8 is passed, it will become the 893rd amendment to the constitution.
  • Impact on our contract(s)
    None. The amendment simply serves to enshrine existing Right to Work legislation and make it more difficult to change.

For the reasons listed above, the IAM Local Lodge 2003 Legislative Committee OPPOSES Amendment 8. We appreciate your careful consideration of this important issue.

Regardless of the outcome, on November the 9th we will be right back to doing what we have done for the last 61 years: supplying the U.S. Army with the finest rotary wing training platforms found anywhere in the world.

In solidarity,
Your Local Lodge 2003 Legislative Committee