June 13, 2024

CWA Local Leaders Finds Union Plus Benefits Help in Organizing

CWA Local 6203 Secretary-Treasurer Janice Bell was at the 2009 CWA Convention in Washington, DC, when she realized how much Union Plus could help her organize new members.

“Before the convention I was not terribly aware of Union Plus, but when I started reading the material in my convention packet I was elated and something clicked in my brain,” Bell says.

Benefits Help in Right-to-Work States

Local 6203 is in Lubbock, TX, where each AT&T hourly employee has to be signed up to join the union since Texas is a right-to-work state.

Now, Union Plus members-only benefits are integrated into the local’s presentations during new employee orientation. “New hires generally are very interested in the benefits and this has helped recruitment,” she adds.

Information on how to access the various programs is only made available once people join. The benefits help potential members realize that it doesn’t cost to be a member-it pays!

“I even know a couple of people who joined the union because of the pet insurance. You never know,” says Bell.

Union Plus Provides Organizing Resources

To learn how you can be using Union Plus benefits to help recruiting and retaining members, visit UnionPlus.org/Organizing.