June 22, 2024

Support the Mission of Federal Workers

President Trump issued three executive orders on May 25 that make it harder for federal workers to do their job. Machinists Union members are among thousands of federal civil servants who support our military, fight wildfires and care for wounded veterans.

Under the guise of “civil service reform,” each of the orders take away rights from federal employees.

The orders would chip away at the ability to negotiate workplace rules, protection against unfair discipline and the time union reps use for legally mandated representation. Click the links to read executive orders on collective bargaining, removal procedure and merit principles, and official time.

“The executive orders signed by President Trump single out federal employees and destroy workplace safeguards that have been in place since the 1800s,” said IAM International President Bob Martinez. “This is a step in the wrong direction. America’s federal workforce should not be at the mercy of politicians and big corporate donors. Our history has shown that a patronage system, set up to only reward campaign supporters and donors, puts our national security at risk.”

Please write your lawmakers now and tell them to publicly support federal workers and condemn any attack on the mission of the federal workforce.

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Source:: iMail