May 21, 2024

New Performance Work Statement for Fort Rucker Maintenance Contract

New Performance Work Statement (PWS) out for the maintenance contract (currently the L-3,AFS contract) at Fort Rucker. Several changes in the new PWS will impact our brothers and sisters greatly. The new PWS includes changes added to include lock-in periods for on the job training (OJT) ( of PWS), lengthier lock-in periods for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) factory training ( of PWS), introduction of new job classifications (4.2.35 of PWS), and uniforms. February 15 is when the Government will start accepting bids on the new PWS which will be awarded in August. Please come to the Regular Union Meetings held the first Saturday of every month and talk to your Shop Stewards and GNC for they will be going out and talking to their respective areas and representation to keep everyone up to date on what this means for the brothers and sisters on that contract. Click here to download and read the new PWS or you can go to to view it and more information concerning the Fort Rucker Maintenance Contract.

We encourage everyone to take the time and read it for yourself, understand the changes and how the changes are going to affect the workforce and you, and prepare accordingly. With the current collective bargaining agreement (CBA) it states hat if the new PWS changes affect the current CBA then the company and Union will meet to discuss the changes and negotiate these changes into the CBA. So we have roughly eight (8) months to prepare for Negotiations with whomever wins the contact award and them same 8 months to prepare ourselves for whatever comes our way.