April 24, 2024

Maintenance Contract award protested by L3 Technologies and DynCorp International

L3 Technologies announced that it has filed a protest with the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) related to the Aviation Maintenance and Support contract. L3 Technologies the incumbent contractor has served as the primary contractor for the Maintenance Contract since 2003. To read more on their protest, you can go to www.businesswire.com and learn what led them to file their protest.

DynCorp International, which was the contractor for 15 years at Fort Rucker from 1988 to 2003, also filed a protest related to Aviation Maintenance and Support contract.

Since both L3 Technologies and DynCorp International have filed protests, it means a waiting period for the nearly 3500 Bargaining Unit workers at Fort Rucker. IAM&AW Business Representatives Jimmy Cotter and Randy Garrett along with Aerospace Coordinator Jody Bennett has been keeping the Grievance/Negotiating Committee (GNC) on the Maintenance Contract up to date, whenever new information has been put out. Once new information is given to the GNC, the committee then passes it down to the shop stewards throughout the contract and to the workforce. The committee will continue to do so as we move closer and closer to the transition phase of the new Statement of Work implementation and also contractor transitions.