May 23, 2024

Machinists Across the Country Spread MLK’s Message

Martin Luther King, Jr Day is a time when Americans gather for marches and community projects to recognize and honor the life and message of the civil rights icon. In a message to IAM members, International President urged members to spread that message in their daily lives.

“At a time when our country seems more divided than ever, I challenge you to reclaim King’s dream,” said International President Bob Martinez. “Let’s stand up together in solidarity, organize with urgency, and never give up on our sacred calling to promote dignity for every working person.”

IAM members across the country spent the day out in their communities doing just that.  Members attended the AFL-CIO Martin Luther King Jr. Conference and participated in the Women’s March.

IAM District 751 took part on the Seattle MLK Jr. workshops, rally and march.

District 141 members marched in Houston.

Delta workers in Atlanta spread the message of their ongoing drive to join the Machinists Union.

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Source:: iMail