May 19, 2024

M1 Support Services Intends on a Bridge Agreement with IAM&AW Members at Fort Rucker

In a letter put out to the membership by IAM&AW Business Representative Jimmy Cotter and the Grievance/Negotiating Committee (GNC) of the maintenance contract, M1 has let it be known to the IAM&AW it intends to do a bridge agreement for the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and the members of Local Lodge 2003 that work under the CBA. With this announcement it brings M1’s intent to honor the language of the collective bargaining agreement guaranteeing the protection of members’ seniority as well as their pay and benefits.

Currently there are approximately 3500 bargaining unit workers covered under the CBA, at Fort Rucker, covering 45 different job descriptions including bonus pay jobs. On the contract there are many members that have never been through a contractor transition and many have questions on what to expect and what to do. What every employee covered under the CBA needs to do is go to and apply for the classification they are currently holding.

To help expedite the process, Aerospace Coordinator Jody Bennett , Business Representatives Jimmy Cotter and Randy Garrett and the Grievance/Negotiating Committee (GNC) has requested that M1 alleviate some of the information required for the application process. M1 honored the request and removed some of the requirements while applying on-line.  The information that is NO LONGER REQUIRED  for our current employees while applying on-line is:

  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Percent of Time Able to Travel
  • Number of Previous Jobs
  • Number of References
  • Requirement of a Resume
  • Requirement of a Cover Letter

At this time there has been no word as to a deadline for current employees to file an application for M1 but everyone should go online and file their application as soon as possible.

At the conclusion of the October 7, 2017 Regular Business Meeting, there will be computers set up at the Local Lodge, and the GNC will be there also, to help anyone who doesn’t have a computer at home, to apply online for M1 Services.

Aerospace Coordinator Jody Bennett, Business Representatives Jimmy Cotter and Randy Garrett and the GNC of the Maintenance Contract would like to remind everyone that the transition process can be a very lengthy process with multiple changes happening throughout the process, and would encourage everyone to be patient throughout the transition. With the incumbent contractor L3 technologies filing a protest, along with DynCorp International filing a separate protest, on the contract being awarded to M1 services, we will be in a waiting period till the Government makes an announcement towards these protest. As new information is given to the IAM&AW, that information will be sent out to the shop stewards and membership through the GNC. So at this time if it does not come from the GNC it should be counted as a rumor, and if any member has any questions contact your GNC for clarification.