May 19, 2024

Letter to the Maintenance Contract Members

To all members IAM&AW LL 2003 Army Maintenance Contract (AFS),

Thanks to everyone involved, the M1 in-processing appears to be going well. Most members are reporting that the entire process takes less than 1 hour. With that being said, there are still many out there who have yet to receive an offer letter. At this point there is nothing to worry about in this regard. With over 3,000 people to process, it is going to take time. Currently approximately half of the members have received an offer letter and many more will be receiving offers in the next week. M1 is doing a very good job of continually improving the processing and the number of people processing daily is increasing, while still ensuring that wait times are kept to a minimum. Offer letters are being sent incrementally, instead of everyone receiving them at the same time, this is M1’s way of insuring the aren’t more people showing up than the system can handle.

The GNC has been assured by M1, that they plan to offer all current employees a job, so don’t panic if your offer hasn’t come yet, it will. As things move forward, we will be communicating with M1 and if they have people who have been sent offers that haven’t replied, we will try to contact the member and determine the issue. Once M1 thinks they are reaching completion we will be reaching out to you to give us the names of anyone who may have been missed. Right now there is no need for anyone to panic because you see friends receiving offers but you haven’t gotten yours yet. M1 will not be taking over from AFS until 1 April, so there is plenty of time to get everyone processed.

We have received questions from a couple of members about the pay rate on the offer letter. The pay rate offered should be your current base-rate, it may not include bonuses such as shift, lead, shift, A&P etc., but these items are contractual requirements and will be paid. Please keep in mind that things like shift, location and even bonus pay jobs may have been added, changed or deleted since the records M1 is processing from were created. Any necessary adjustments will be made in due time.

I know many of you have questions as what will happen with Insurance, Vacation/PL and the other issues still open in the negotiations process. Nothing on these issues has changed since your GNC last met with the Company and the information contained in the message put out by the GNC is still current. It is our hope to be able to get back to the table with M1 in the near future and finish up these last remaining issues. Once we have any more information or any change in the status of these issues occur myself or the GNC will put that information out to you.

Finally, if you receive an offer that contains errors, please reach out to your Steward or GNC and also make M1 aware of the issue when you arrive for your appointment at the Processing Center. Often, M1 can make on the spot corrections and issue you a new, corrected offer immediately on the spot, and you can continue to process as scheduled. Do not decline the offer, instead proceed thru the process and let your GNC, Stewards and M1 work the error.

Once again, thank you for being patient and allowing us to work these issues on your behalf and remember if you have an issue contact your Steward or GNC. As we go thru this transition please continue to do what you have always done, insure that our Customers are provided the best and safest aviation maintenance and logistical support in the world.


Randy Garrett
Business Representative


Click here to download the Membership Letter in pdf format.