May 23, 2024

Inside the Sinister Attack on Federal ‘Official Time’

If you’re a federal employee or contractor, helping your coworkers manage disputes on the job could soon mean losing your retirement.

Two bills (H.R. 1293 and H.R. 1364) charging through Congress would greatly hamper federal employees’ right to fair union representation. The “Official Time Reform Act” (H.R. 1364) would stop pension accrual for time spent representing fellow federal employees on the job, also called “official time.”

“Federal managers and employees use official time to make our government work more efficiently and save taxpayer money,” said Price. “They use it to help create a safe work environment, resolve disputes, head off discrimination on the job and represent all employees in grievance and disciplinary actions—whether they are union members or not.”

Current law explicitly prohibits union activities while on official time, including any internal union business, solicitation of new members, election of union officers and any partisan political issues.

Call the Capitol at 202-224-3121 and ask to speak to your Representative. Tell them that H.R. 1364 and 1293 are unnecessary and cruel attacks on federal workers.

Then, send an email telling your Representative to vote No on H.R. 1364 and 1293.

IAM and NFFE-IAM represent more than 100,000 federal workers.

“At a time when the checks and balances of government are arguably deteriorating, these bills will depress the use of official time, a valuable management tool that encourages transparency and accountability in government,” NFFE-IAM National President Randy Erwin wrote in a letter to Congress.

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