May 23, 2024

Brothers and Sisters,


Attached you can find the call letters and instructions for the 2021 IAM Scholarship Competition. 

In 2020, the IAM awarded 16 scholarships valued at $64,000. The winners were selected out of over 300 applicants.

The IAM also has a vocational-technical two-year scholarship available to both members and their children.

The IAM Scholarship Fund, which is used exclusively to make these awards possible, was established by the delegates of the 1960 IAM Grand Lodge Convention.

If you would like to receive a scholarship packet by mail, or have any questions regarding the program, please call our Scholarship Department at 301-967-4708.

Deadline to submit applications is February 12, 2021.

 Applications will be available for download on-line at the website.

Scholarship Call Letter

Scholarship Overview


IAM&AW Scholarship for Child of Member

IAM&AW Scholarship for Member

IAM&AW Vocational/Technical Scholarship for Child of Member