May 19, 2024

IAM Members Graduate from EAP-Special Topics Class

More than 20 IAM members graduated from the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – Special Topics training, the first advanced EAP course delivered by the IAM Retirees, Community and Membership Services Department at the William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center in Hollywood, MD.

“According to numerous health providers, professionals, practitioners and field experts who have observed our training at the Winpisinger Center, no other organization – unions, companies or government – comes close to what the IAM is doing in the field of EAP training and education,” said IAM Retirees, Community and Membership Services Department Director Carlos San Miguel of the IAM’s college-accredited EAP program. “The course offered those dedicated to the field of employee assistance an opportunity to enhance their skills for addressing worker issues, before they develop into problems that adversely impact workers’ work-life and the quality of their family and community life.”

This fifth and final level of IAM EAP training focused on a variety of topics including mental health first aid, bullying, stress, depression, trauma, anger, the pervasive impact of alcoholism and the concept of meaningful workplaces.

Participants received a course certificate and certification in mental health first aid.

Anyone interested in attending IAM EAP classes should contact Kim Hill of the IAM Retirees, Community and Membership Services Department at 301-967-3433.