June 22, 2024

IAM Local 2068 Members on Strike at Silgan Containers in Illinois

More than 170 members of IAM Local 2068 at Silgan Containers in Rochelle, IL have voted to go on strike after rejecting the company’s contract offer. The strike took effect just after midnight Saturday, December 8, 2018.

Silgan is the largest metal food packaging company in the country. The Machinists members are striking for better wages, benefits and working conditions.

“There’s no louder, no clearer message to a company than when a group of workers come together and decide it’s time to strike. And that’s exactly what is happening with the Machinists members at Silgan Containers,” said IAM District 8 Business Representative and lead negotiator Bill Broughton. “Silgan is squeezing its workers with one hand, while taking great care of its CEOs and shareholders with the other. Workers at Silgan have not seen a positive contract for the last ten years. They, along with their families, have taken many hits, particularly in wages. Insurance premiums have eaten up all past wage increases over the last ten years. Today they’ve decided enough is enough – it’s time to fight back.”

“To the brothers and sisters of IAM Local 2068, your fellow Machinist members stand in total solidarity and support,” said IAM Midwest Territory General Vice President Philip J. Gruber. “Your union couldn’t be more proud of your strength and resolve. This fight is about fairness and obtaining what is rightfully yours – fair wages that’ll support you and your families. The decision to go out on strike is never an easy one, but often necessary. Our members deserve a share in the success they helped build. We demand a fair contract.”

“Our Brothers and Sisters at Silgan have dealt with the greed of this company for too long and I am proud of them for saying ‘enough is enough,’” said IAM International President Bob Martinez. “I want each and every one of these members and their families to know that they have 600,000 of their IAM Brothers and Sisters standing by their side. We will use any resource necessary to defend our members at Silgan and get the contract they deserve.”

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