July 23, 2024

IAM CREST Workplace Violence Survey Assessment

Workplace violence is an assault or other violent act that entails a substantial risk of physical or emotional harm. In an effort to identify patterns of violence and preventative solutions for incorporation into a prevention standard, we have developed a Workplace Violence Survey.

Workplace violence may result in physical injury and can lead to medical treatment, missed work, stress and/or decreased productivity. The IAM is committed to making workplaces safe and to do so, we need information.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 15,980 workers in the private industry experienced trauma from nonfatal workplace violence in 2014. Twenty-three percent required 31 or more days away from work to recover and 20 percent involved three to five days away from work. A frightening statistic is that 409 workers in private industry and government were workplace homicide victims in 2014.

Data from this survey is crucial to help the IAM Health and Safety Department have a better understanding of how these trends affect our members, while working toward solutions to improve workplace safety.

The goal of the IAM Health and Safety Department is to identify and understand the scope of the problem that IAMAW members face when it comes to workplace violence.

Data collected will help us align our resources with the AFL-CIO to:

  • Increase training and education
  • Advocate policy changes to protect members
  • Advocate changes in laws to increase workplace safety
  • Advocate for increased security to protect members
  • Strengthen communications on workplace violence problems related to IAM workplaces
  • Labor/Management committees collaborating on workplace violence prevention efforts
  • Reduce injuries from workplace violence
  • Reduce lost time resulting from workplace violence

Click here to take the Workplace Violence Survey.

Any questions or concerns about the survey can be directed to IAM CREST Project Coordinator/Instructor Michael Oathout at 301-967-4707 or

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