June 22, 2024

IAM Awards Scholarships at Aviation High School Graduation

On June 27, Aviation High School held its annual graduation ceremony. Approximately 460 students received their high school diploma, with more than 250 earning their Airframe and Powerplant licenses certifying them to work as mechanics in the airline industry.

Aviation High School has an astounding 93% graduation rate and many graduates have expressed a desire to work in the airline industry and become IAM members. They cited their recent experience at the Winpisinger Center as an “eye-opener” for the important role unions play in improving workers’ lives. The students who participated at the Winpisinger Center proudly wore their IAM patches on their graduation uniforms.

“Aviation High School and the IAM have enjoyed a long relationship and are partners in education,” said GVP Sito Pantoja and Aviation High School graduate. “The IAM is proud to have a positive role in helping their students prepare for the future.”

There were several airline representatives and sponsors presenting donations and prizes at the graduation, but the IAM is the only labor organization who annually presents students with scholarships and tool boxes for their educational achievements.

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Source:: iMail