July 23, 2024

Hope for a Resolution in Raging Health Care Debate

Your health care is being targeted by some in Congress. Washington, DC’s poisonous political scene is putting working families at risk of paying more for less coverage – or losing it all together.

WATCH: Congressional Hope for Health Care

The issue exploded in March when House Republicans failed to repeal the Affordable Care Act, a policy move that if passed would have left 24 million Americans without medical coverage. Among those at risk is Christina Macken, who was pregnant in 2016 with a dangerous medical complication.

“I developed serious and rapid advancing complications, which if untreated, results in death for mom and baby,” said Macken, who is currently insured by the Affordable Care Act. “My two-week hospital stay would have demanded all of the money we would have saved for me to take six-months of unpaid maternity leave.”

As Christina and her daughter continue to recover, there is hope on the horizon, for her and all Americans, that affordable health care will be there in the future.

“We see a willingness of moderates on both sides of the isle who are ready to work together,” said U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette (D-CO). “We can work on reducing premiums. We can work on reducing deductibles and out of pocket costs. We can create conditions that foster greater competition among health care plans.”

As Capitol Hill attempts to make a definitive timetable for improving health care, middle-class Americans like Macken hold on to hope, and union-supported politicians praise recent progress.

“After seven years of noisy partisan wrangling, I can confidently stand here today and say there is a pathway going forward to strengthening our health care system,” said DeGette.

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