May 23, 2024

GNC Letter to the Membership Working on the L3 Contract

Today, November 12, 2014, the Grievance Negotiating Committee met with the General Manager of L3 Lowell Green and other members from the company. The following issues were discussed:

  1. Flat Iron changes- The Flat Iron will get approximately 8 UH-60 Blackhawks by the end of this month. At that time we will be working in conjunction with the Army performing the maintenance of the Flat Iron aircraft. We are anticipated to be performing 40 Hour Inspections and above and the Heavy Unscheduled Maintenance.
  2. Lakota UH-72A Implementation- Fort Rucker is starting to get the Lakotas in slowly and will see an increase around April timeframe. We will start maintaining the aircraft alongside Sikorsky personnel and will take over all maintenance around January 2016. All this is contingent on the Company and Army contract settlement.
  3. Layoffs/ Early Retirement- At this time there is no news of either. The company is still pushing the Early Retirement to the Army and hasn’t received any answer yet. Previous layoffs came in as the flight hour reductions came into effect and at this time the company has no news for any future layoffs.
  4. HPWO- High Performance Work Organization- The parties agreed during negotiations to entertain the HPWO, which is a Union partnership program to improve employee/employer relations and increase productivity in the workforce, Business Rep. Jimmy Cotter is contacting the HPWO Director and a meeting will be set up soon in the near future.

If any new information is given on any of the above issues, it will be communicated to the membership from the GNC and Shop Stewards. If it does not come from your GNC then it is probably a rumor.


Grievance Negotiating Committee
L-3 Communications Contract



Letter to the Membership wotking on the L3 Contract.
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