April 24, 2024

Brothers and Sisters,

Due to Hurricane Michael, not only do we have a lot of brothers and sisters who need help, but our communities, families, neighbors, and friends, need us as well.  We have had a major outpouring of support and willingness to go help and it makes me so proud to be part of an organization with the amount of heart our people are showing.  We have members who are loading trailers with supplies, chainsaws and sleeping bags to go help, it is amazing!

With that being said, we are announcing the start of a Disaster Relief Committee to help organize groups of people to go and help in masses.  We will be able to coordinate and move effectively as groups to ensure we get the most accomplished each time we show up to help.  Now, in no way are we discouraging individuals to go on your own, we are just trying to help organize groups to better serve.

We know that this is short notice, but anyone wishing to join or chair this committee, please come to the Union hall at 6 pm Wednesday.  If the meeting is during your normal work schedule, and you would like to participate, please call the union hall and leave your name and contact information.  You may also contact me at 334-379-9137.

If you are unable to donate physical labor and time, non-perishable, in date, foods may be dropped off at the Union Hall.  I have no doubts that we will make this happen and help those in need!

In solidarity,
Anthony Holton
Local Lodge 2003 President

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